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OOC: Input

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If you have any sort of input or feedback about my characterization, writing style, OOC conduct, etc. when it comes to Castiel, please comment here! Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off.


If this note comes into your possession, I strongly advise you to make a copy of it and pass it on to whoever you may trust with it. This information is something that was only witnessed by three people. It took place on the last night that General Aguilar and his forces were in power.

On that night, prior to dinner I was ordered by a pair of soldiers to follow them upstairs. I was led to a conference room where three soldiers were posted. Two other patients joined me and we were each briefed separately. The soldiers informed us that we were being entrusted with the task of hunting down Landel and Marc. We were outfitted with wristbands that would track our movements, to avoid any acts of rebellion. We we told we would have some of our abilities returned to us to ensure the success of the mission. Eventually Major Harrington, one of the soldiers who spoke over the intercom during the military's rule, joined us.

Soon after that, Aguilar arrived with a band of soldiers. He called out Harrington, addressing him as Claude Prescott and exposing him as the rogue soldier. Aguilar attempted to arrest him, but Prescott's responded with a fire-based ability. Aguilar then pointed out a device on his chest, which he explained would control the strength of Prescott's ability.

At that point Prescott turned to the patient he had been assigned to and her wristband emitted a noise which short-circuited Aguilar's device. At this point Aguilar and all of his men vanished, leaving only Prescott and one female soldier behind.

The female explained that her name was Lydia Thayer and that she had infiltrated the institute at some earlier date as part of a rebel group. Landel had managed to claim her mind and made her work for him, having her pose as a helpful presence on the radio under the moniker "Jill." She escaped when the military took over and met up with Prescott, and the two posed as soldiers in order to carry out this plan. Their intention was to give us a chance to escape.

Both Thayer and Prescott assured us that Marc was on our side. They also explained that this planet was attacked by something devastating. Apparently, our captors have gone to these lengths in order to be prepared if such a thing happens again.

Before anything more could be explained, they escaped.